Month: October 2015

Largest NSEL defaulter in police custody

NSEL data showed NKP has paid back Rs 35.44 cr of the total Rs 969.89 cr payable as of August 2013 Read More

Cotton prices fall amid weak demand, increased supply

Falling domestic demand from mills coupled with increase in supply in form of new arrivals has pulled down cotton prices by Rs 800-1000 per candy of 356 kg. What’s more, the prices are likely to continue to fall during the festive period in … Read More

PEs reward PVR’s Bijli for stock returns

According to Ramnath, large investors had agreed to reward Bijli because current laws do not allow for stock options for promoter-managers. Read More

Nestle stock brushes off results

The 60% drop in net profit of Nestle India in the September quarter hardly appears to have affected its stock price Read More