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7 in 10 Indian executives believe AI will change the way we work and live in next decade, shows survey

Bengaluru: While technological expertise and big data will be the driving forces for digital transformation, leaders will need to look beyond technology to achieve successful implementation of artificial intelligence (AI), says a whitepaper by Dale Carnegie of India titled ‘The New Competitive Divide: Building the Foundation of Organizational Agility’.

The whitepaper presents the company’s latest research on the role of agility in adapting to the rapidly evolving workplace, and highlights agility in the context of the massive changes that are anticipated from the implementation of AI, as well as providing a framework for leaders, addressing important considerations for people who want to approach building agility within their organisation in a deliberate way.

According to the whitepaper, agility requires an openness to new information and learning and a positive attitude towards change. Agile organisations free people to experiment, adapt and innovate.

The findings of the survey show that 71 per cent strongly believe that AI will fundamentally change the way we live and work during the next decade, and that an overwhelming 96 per cent believe those changes will be positive.

44 per cent said that their roles have already been impacted by AI, and 48 per cent said they expect their roles to be impacted in the next 1-5 years. Furthermore, 93 per cent are positive about the potential for AI to handle routine tasks, so they can focus on more meaningful work.

Eight in 10 respondents reported having a high level of trust in their leaders to make the right decisions about AI. However, in India, 90 per cent of respondents were at the manager-level and above. Of individual contributors, just six in 10 have a high level of trust. More than 70 per cent of those at the director level or above worry about the impact of AI on their corporate culture, and many people have other concerns: privacy, cybersecurity, biases built into AI systems by humans, and legal issues.

“The findings from the whitepaper shows that organisations are grappling with responding to the challenges of AI, and their agility depends on how quickly they can pivot. In India, executives are much more optimistic and more trusting of leadership to take the right decisions about AI, and many more Indians are open to engaging AI as opposed to their global counterparts,” said Pallavi Jha, Chairperson & Managing Director, Dale Carnegie of India.

The global survey contains responses from over 3,500 executives.

Dale Carnegie of India is dedicated to performance enhancement, and offers talent development solutions in the areas of leadership, communications, presentations and public speaking, sales training, interpersonal skills, building high-performance teams, etc. in a variety of formats to suit various needs. Headquartered in Mumbai, it has its branch offices in Delhi, Bengaluru and Pune.

Source: Economic Times