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A Dale Carnegie study shows what people think of bots doing appraisals

New Delhi: Two in three people would not be comfortable being appraised by AI (artificial intelligence) instead of a human if they didn’t know the criteria for appraisal, according to a new study by soft-skill training firm Dale Carnegie.

While more than 60% of respondents were at least somewhat likely to accept appraisal by AI if they knew the criteria completely, the number dropped drastically to 32% when the criteria was not fully known. The paper said that the latter situation was more likely as AI engineers often themselves didn’t know why machines take the decisions they take.

The workforce seems to be looking forward to AI taking over their mundane tasks, but people in the higher echelons are worried about the impact of AI on work culture. Two in three people surveyed said they felt positive about AI taking over routine tasks so they could focus on more meaningful work. However, two in three respondents who were at the level of director of above said they thought the potential impact of AI on their company’s culture was at least moderately worrying.

According to the study, people would feel reassured about the impact of AI if they had a clear understanding of how it worked, if they trusted their organization’s leadership and if they knew they had the skills to adapt.

Source: Economic Times