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Apple CEO Tim Cook: We care deeply about privacy, it is a fundamental right

San Francisco: Privacy is a fundamental human right that technology giant Apple deeply cares about, and it is a value embedded in the company’s ethos, said the company’s chief executive Tim Cook, speaking in a fireside chat at Dreamforce 2019 in San Francisco.

Dreamforce is CRM services provider Salesforce’s annual enterprise tech event.

Privacy, sustainability and equality are values that are deeply embedded in the company, said Cook. “We care deeply that we embed privacy in all our products. Privacy is very important to us, we view it as a fundamental right. And so we have doubled down on this many, many times.”

He added that these values have to be an integral part of a company’s culture, not something that can be bolted-on later.

“These values are embedded in who we are. These are not bolt on things. You do not bolt on privacy. You think about it in the development process of the products. You can see what happens when companies just wake up one day and decide to do something privacy-wise. You just can’t do it. You have to design it in,” said Cook.

Talking about Apple’s status as a leader in tech innovation over several decades, Cook said companies tend to confuse between innovation and change. “So many people confuse innovation with change and they become convinced that innovation is just change. But innovation is about making things better and that requires a depth of thought that’s merely beyond just changing something. And that is Apple’s secret.”

He added that Apple has never set the objective to be the first to do something and rather it sets the objective to be the best.

“And that Northstar guides us through the temptations to go after market shares or other objectives that you see companies setting for themselves. It is embedded in Apple to not play the game as it has been defined for decades or centuries but to invent a new game. You have to come up with a different way of viewing the problem. And sometimes that is the hardest part, to think out of the box,” Cook said.

The writer is in San Francisco on Salesforce’s invitation

Source: Livemint