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Beat this! Delhi Metro trains record 99% punctuality since 2013

delhi metro, delhi metro trains, Delhi Metro frequency, Delhi Metro punctuality, Delhi Metro network length, dmrc If you are one of those who crib about delays on the Delhi Metro network, there’s news for you!

Punctuality of Delhi Metro trains: If you are one of those who crib about delays on the Delhi Metro network, there’s news for you! Over the years since it started services, the Delhi Metro has grown tremendously. In the recent months, even though the ridership has fallen the punctuality of the Metro service has remained consistently good. According to an IE report, as per the data obtained through an RTI application, between 2013 and 2018, till the month of May, over 99 per cent train trips have been recorded on time.

With the growth in the Delhi Metro network length, a number of trains were pressed into service, which resulted in a rise in the number of trips. However, the punctuality was not affected by this.

A Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) official was quoted in the report saying that a trip is said to be delayed if a train takes more than 60 seconds than the scheduled time in completing it. In 2014, out of 18.59 lakh trips which were undertaken by trains, around 1,213 saw delays. In 2015, 1,115 out of the 19.41 lakh trips, were delayed while in 2016, 1,326 out of 21.01 lakh trips were delayed. In terms of percentage, in 2015, the average punctuality was 99.94 per cent and in 2017, it was 99.93 per cent. As per the RTI data, in 2017, 20,88,582 trips and 1,405 delays were recorded, with the average punctuality at 99.93 per cent. While, in 2018, till the month of May, 99.86 per cent of trips were completed on time.

Other than train delays, the DMRC also records the number of trips that are cancelled. In 2018, till May, 377 trips have been cancelled. While, 709 trips were cancelled in 2013, 536 trips in 2014, 1,084 trips in 2015, 692 trips in 2016 and 783 trips in 2017.

On the prominent corridors of Delhi Metro, including the Blue Line and Yellow Line, the frequency of trains on an average is around 2 minutes 40 seconds, while the frequency is 3 minutes, 6 seconds on Delhi Metro’s Red Line.

Source: Financial Express