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Best of BS Opinion: New telco tariffs, Bajaj does BJP a good turn, and more

From the inter-linkages in the economy that usually do not get adequate attention but that can have a strong impact on economic momentum to AI’s crisis of authenticity and how India might suffer from US’ subversion of the WTO court, here’s a selection of Business Standard Opinion pieces for the day. Will the first tariff hike in many years by telcos solve any of their problems? Is there an atmosphere of fear under the Modi regime so much so that industry leaders are reluctant to make critical comments about the government, as stated by senior industry leader Rahul Bajaj? Is it time New Delhi prepared for a world without rules, and one in which its new isolationism will incite retaliation rather than litigation? Alokananda Chakraborty sums up.

For smaller trading countries like India — which is one of the world’s larger economies, but accounts for only 2 per cent of world trade — the exit of the WTO appellate body would be a disaster, argues our top edit. Read on… From the financial viability standpoint, the first tariff hike in many years by telecom firms is a step in the right direction, but it may not solve the problem for incumbents, argues our second edit. Click here to read… An India Inc that is comfortable with the BJP government and has a special or friendly relationship with it can have an adverse impact on the party’s political fortune, writes A K Bhattacharya. Read on… As the big boys of media push for consolidation, scale is emerging as the killer app, argues Vanita Kohli-Khandekar. Click here to read… The clamour to get attention and be noticed as experts in the absence of proof points is causing people to question the credibility of all the applications AI promises, writes Pradipta Bagchi. Read on… Quote “I’ve become a bigger fan of Nato because they have become more flexible.” -US President Donald Trump

Source: Business Standard