Beverage, appliance makers pad up to meet an expected growing demand

consumer goodsConsumer goods companies are padding up to meet high demand this summer, following the Met department forecast that the season will be hotter and drier than usual this year. Makers of beverages (colas, juices, packaged water) as well as producers of soaps, deodorants, cooling oils and talcum powder depend on summer to boost sales. So do makers of appliances such as air-conditioners, coolers, refrigerators and fans. Consumer durables makers are grappling with a number of issues this year, such as a hike in customs duty, rising commodity prices, and a falling rupee. They, however, claim they have prepared a strong line-up of products for the season ahead. “This year, we are going out with renewed confidence owing in part to the weather forecast,” said B Thiagarajan, joint managing director, Blue Star. On Tuesday, Blue Star, a top air-conditioner (AC) maker, launched 40 new models for the season. Godrej, Kenstar and Maharaja Whiteline have already launched their AC and air cooler models.

Source: Business Standard