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Blaze Automation introduces affordable smart home product B.One Eazy


Blaze Automation, an IoT (Internet of Things) company that builds Smart Home Automation and Security products, has launched B.One Eazy, a smart universal remote controller and Automation Gateway in India.

After offering this in other markets such as Japan, the US and Far East, it has introduced in India. The company, which has its development centre in India at Hitec City and gets its products made in China. The company product allows total control of Infrared (IR) controllable devices and selected Wi-Fi enabled Smart Home devices through a simple and easy to use mobile application. B.One Eazy allows control of your home through Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home, Facebook and Line messengers as well. Currently, B.One Eazy is available in USA, Australia and Japan and is now being offered in India through online channels.

Sridhar Ponugupati, CEO of Blaze Automation said, “Further to the powerful B.One Hub, this product will make it easy for people to convert their homes into smart homes. With B.One Eazy, our aim is to make smart homes in India more affordable than smartphones. Smart Homes are the fundamental building blocks of Smart Cities and Blaze Automation aims to be the leader in India’s Smart Cities initiative.”

Demonstrating how the system works in a smart home set up as a Demo Zone, Arjun Valluri, Chairman of Blaze, said “We have an order backlog of about Rs 200 crore that is to be delivered over during the year. Gradually, we will launch various other products from our portfolio. The available home automation and smart home solutions come at a price and this breaks that barrier for affordability.”

With B.One VoiceAct Smart Home Skill for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, users can command and control B.One Eazy connected smart home devices via simple voice commands. VoiceAct platform provides total control of legacy and modern Infrared controlled devices like televisions, disc players, air conditioning systems, Philips Hue lights and selected Wi-Fi based devices.

To offer a first-hand experience of the working of B.Eazy and previously launched B.One Hub, Blaze has built an experience centre, a fully functional 2BHK at Jubilee Hills converted into a chic yet comfortable home that represent the future of home automation. A walkthrough demonstration will take visitors through the B.One Hub and B.One Eazy’s ability to talk to devices at home using Amazon Alexa or Google home.

Source: The Hindu