Centre unveils eSIM norms


Our Bureau The Centre has eased norms for users who want to change a mobile service provider or buy a new connection without replacing a SIM card.

According to the Department of Telecom (DoT)’s new guidelines, embedded SIMs (eSIMs) can be installed in a device, and the details of service providers can be updated in it if the customer buys a new connection, changes operators, or wants to buy a standalone service from a telecom operator,, such as data calling.

“To cater to the needs of modern technological developments in machine to machine (M2M)/ Internet of Things (IoT), it has been decided to permit the use of eSIM, with both single and multiple profile configurations…” the DoT said .

It said operators may carry out their KYC while providing eSIMs.

The DoT has also issued instructions for SIMs that will be used for M2M communications, such as alerts sent from cars to mobiles over low fuel, faulty parts, car theft etc.

The norms come shortly after Bharti Airtel and Reliance Jio started selling the Apple Watch Series 3, which has an eSIM.

Source: The Hindu