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Chhattisgarh minister likens CM Raman Singh to ‘Bhishma Pitamah’

Raman Singh is an Ayurvedic doctor-turned politician. (File photo: IE)

Chhattisgarh minister Ajay Chandrakar has likened state Chief Minister Raman Singh to Bhishma Pitamah, a character from the ‘Mahabharata’, saying the three-time CM has the power to decide his own victory and defeat in the polls.

Chandrakar made the remarks here yesterday at the launch of ‘Mukhyamantri MGNREGA Mazdoor Tiffin Vitaran Yojana’ under which tiffin box sets will be distributed free of cost to around 10.83 lakh labourers in the state.

“Doctor sahab is blessed with ‘ichhamrityu’ (power to decide the time and manner of one’s death). In the Mahabharata, no one had the ability to defeat Bhishma Pitamah and he was well aware that when and how he will die,” he said.

“Like him (Bhishma Pitamah), only doctor sahab (Raman Singh) knows when he will lose or not. He very well knows that he has the strength of love of poor people of Chhattisgarh with him,” he said.

Raman Singh is an Ayurvedic doctor-turned politician.

Addressing the gathering in local Chhattisgarhi language, the Panchayat and Rural Development Minister further said, “And why has he got the blessing of ‘ichhamrityu’? Because he has taken a pledge to serve the state.”

“Until he makes Chhattisgarh the most developed state in the country, he won’t tell the secret about how he will lose (the elections) and how he will die. He knows he has blessings of the people of the state and till his goal is not achieved, he will not step down,” he said.

Meanwhile, opposition Congress thanked the minister for “admitting” that they (BJP party) belong to “Kaurava sena” of the Mahabharata as Bhishma Pitamah was fighting from their side.

“By comparing Raman Singh with Bhishma Pitamah, they have at least admitted that they are part of the Kaurav sena. Chandrakar has himself accepted this…what is wrong and right has been established. We are thankful to Chandrakar,” Leader of Opposition T S Singhdeo told PTI.

It is believed that in the Mahabharata, the Kauravas led by Duryodhana represented ‘adharma’ (wrong) and Pandavas led by Yudhisthira symbolised ‘dharma (right).

Source: Financial Express