Columbia Asia Hospital, Kolkata faces wrong blood transfusion charge: Victim seeks Mamata Banerjee’s help

Columbia Asia Hospital, Kolkata faces negligence charges. (Representative Image)

The family of a patient has filed a case of medical negligence against Columbia Asia Hospital in Salt Lake, Kolkata. The husband of the patient named Baishakhi Das has alleged that the hospital stuff transfused a wrong blood group in the patient while operating on her. A case has been lodged against the hospital in Bidhannagar Police Station.

The patient, who is now battling for her life, was taken to the hospital on June 5 with severe abdominal pain. Thereafter she was operated on. Her husband Abhijit Saha told ANI, “I admitted my wife in the hospital, but she was infused blood from the wrong blood group during operation. Now her lungs and kidneys are damaged, and if I refuse to pay the bills, the administration is threatening to stop the treatment.” Abhijeet has already paid 2.5 lakhs to the hospital.

The patient was allegedly transfused with AB+ blood group during the operation, instead of her A+ blood. This led to multi-organ failure in the patient. However, Columbia Asia Hospital has denied the report. “We do not have any information,” the hospital representative told

Dr. Tirthankar Bagchi of Columbia Asia Hospitals said, “Someone might have called the patient’s husband for the outstanding bill but it was not that management who had forced him.” “If someone has done something wrong it will be investigated,” he added.

Abhijit has also reached out to West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee for help and sent her a letter asking for strict action against the authorities.

The Columbia Asia Hospital has been on the news before as well, for forcing a patient to stay in the hospital over bill non-payment, earlier this year.

Source: Financial Express