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Coronavirus vaccines: Can mixing COVID-19 vaccines give better immunity than booster shots? – Times of India

There have been several strategies being considered to spike up the immune protection the current COVID vaccines offer, including increasing the durability and timeline to which vaccine-drive immunity, i.e. artificial antibodies can last.

Amongst these are several clinical studies aimed to study the effectiveness and use of booster and mixed COVID vaccine shots.

Booster vaccination, which considers the application of extra COVID shots is being studied and brought into use in several nations wherein vaccination drives were kickstarted early on. Booster or third COVID shots are being used to prompt antibody response against the pathogen and are doses of the same vaccine.

Unlike booster shots, mixing and matching of COVID vaccines is a concept wherein two doses from two different vaccines are used to spike up a tolerable, strong immune response. While it has been used in isolated cases (or in accidental cases globally), researchers have suggested that mixing together different COVID vaccines can create a sustainable, strengthened immune response. While booster shots are mandated from the same vaccine, mixing vaccines work on a combination of vaccine models, whichever may be suitable.