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‘Covaxin shots gap unchanged as protection after 1st dose not high’ – Times of India

NEW DELHI: The interval between two doses of Covishield has been increased to 12-18 weeks as the first dose developed strong immunity but the four-week gap for Covaxin is unchanged as the immunity after the initial shot is not as high.
Explaining the government decision to make a three month interval mandatory for Covishield, ICMR head Dr Balram Bhargava said the immunity post the first shot was found to be quite strong. He said a three-month gap will give the best results.
“On the other hand, immunity level after the first shot of Covaxin is not as high and this means the second dose should be taken after four weeks to ensure full efficacy,” Dr Bhargava said.
He said the recommendation that those who contracted Covid after the first dose wait three months for vaccination was based on assessment that those who recover from the disease have anti-bodies. “It is not clear how long the anti-bodies last…So it is advised that vaccination be completed after a three-month interval,” he said.