Daiwa 55-inch 4K TV review: Inter-app switching lag mars brilliant display

Daiwa 55-inch Ultra HD TVDaiwa 55-inch Ultra HD TVThe smart television segment has seen some interesting movements in the first half of 2018, with Chinese and home-grown companies slugging it out for a larger pie of the India market by packing in their products as many features as possible without burning a hole in buyers’ pocket. The TV industry has come a long way from Oval shaped idiot-box to flat screens to the ultra-modern super-thin LEDs, many of them with no bezels at all. As technology progressed, the common man’s payout for buying these increased leaps and bounds.
Having a giant-screen TV in the drawing room is a matter of prestige for many. While everyone wants to own one, not everyone can afford these devices.
Noida-based Videotex International has recently launched the Daiwa series of TVs that claim to address this. The company says it provides a feature-packed entertainment solution at a much affordable price. Priced at Rs 36,999, the TV seems a bargain for consumers. Let’s have a look at how the 55-inch LED fares in terms of viewing experience and quality.Daiwa 55-inch Ultra HD TVDaiwa 55-inch Ultra HD TV remote
Source: Business Standard