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Derivatives strategy on Muthoot Finance by Nandish Shah of HDFC Securities

Bull Spread strategy on MUTHOOT FINANCE

Buy Muthoot Finance January 750 Call at Rs 25 & simultaneously sell 800 call at Rs 9

Lot Size: 1,500.

Cost of the strategy: Rs 16 (Rs 24,000 per strategy)
Maximum profit: Rs 51,000 If Muthoot Finance closes at or above Rs 800 on January expiry.
Breakeven Point: Rs 766


— We have seen Long rollover in the Muthoot Finance to the January series with price going up by 0.87 per cent.
— Stock price has already given breakout on the daily chart by closing above the resistance level of Rs 737 on last Monday with higher volumes.
— Oscillators and Momentum Indicators like RSI and MACD showing strength in the stock on the daily and weekly charts.

Source: Maalaimalar