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Digital addiction and brain-fogged? Take tech time-off, go for detox!

Reducing use of cell phones at every time from morning to bed time is one of the most efficient ways of decluttering the mind.

By Nikhil Kapur

Engrossed, encircled and exploded with digitization, humans have started to experience its effects on their mind, body and soul. In an effort to automate everyday things, the lesser use of human intellect, labor and sentiments has started to make it lose its efficiency and vigor. In the current era of technology, advancement is mandatory and that is what should be our goal as well – a goal of progressing in our efforts to maintain our gifts of a healthy mind, beautiful body and eternal soul.

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Middle-aged brain fog, not to sound outrageous, is not just limited to middle-aged individuals. Children, teens and youngsters are all facing the challenge of brain-fog and are looking for solutions within the problem (Searching it on the internet).

Below are some easy and quick tips and exercises to avoid brain-fogging, as well as ideas on how to make optimal use of human intellect, labor and sentiments:

  • Calculate the amount of time each day you spend on electronic devices. Understand the time actually required for work purposes and how much you spend simply on passing your time (like on social media platforms) for entertainment in the name of ‘I need some break’
  • Think of ways to entertain and relax using other modes of distraction like reading a book, writing your thoughts, playing small board games, solo games, puzzles, doodling, sketching, watering plants, taking a walk, organizing desk and making lists of pending chores
  • Another very favorable way to unwind is do some simple stretches, deep breathing, Pranayam Breathing, taking 10-15 min nap or climbing the stairs. This will help re-focus, refresh mind and give your body a chance for mild exercising
  • A proper early morning routine is important in directing your day to a happy start. Avoid using mobiles, reading negative news, and abruptness right in the morning. Take time to simply sip your tea, breathe fresh air and plan your day in a relaxed mode
  • Exercising is of course critical. Yoga, walk, dance, gym, or any other comfortable work out form should most definitely be incorporated. This is to tone your body, increase oxygen and blood flow, remove toxins, maintain muscle strength, as well as to give your mind, body and soul some minutes of space and time to revitalize for the day
  • Reducing use of cell phones at every time from morning to bed time is one of the most efficient ways of decluttering the mind. Make maximum use of tangible checklists over reminders and alarms to exercise your brain. Making mental calculations, notes and reminders is most definitely a good workout for the brain
  • Listening to soothing music, eating nourishing cuisines, reducing junk food, eating light at night, avoiding continuous sittings, correcting posture, interacting with people face to face, having heartfelt conversations, taking breaks from technology, are some of the ways of reducing brain-fogging
  • Regular head massage, oiling hair, self-care, spending time in cleaning your surroundings is a healthy approach to life
  • Spending time amid nature, cycling, walking, swimming as well as feeding birds and stray animals gives a sense of happiness and accomplishment, making your mind more productive and resourceful
  • Pursue a passion and spend break time in planning it. Nothing gives more happiness than fulfilling dreams.

Most importantly, a happy mind, body and soul is always creative, dynamic and well-organized.

(Disclaimer: Views expressed are author’s own.)

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