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Droom launches IoT device for vehicle inspection


Online automobile marketplace Droom has launched an Internet of Things (IoT) device, ECO Smart, which connects with a car’s OBD II port to track performance, health and damage to the vehicle.

This device will be used by Droom’s vehicle inspectors. An OBD II port is a standard port that helps monitor vehicle data such as mileage and emission.

Pilot run

The company is currently running a pilot of this device in Delhi-NCR and will soon take it all over the country. This device runs scans through over 1,000 sensors to check the engine health of a vehicle, Droom said.

BusinessLine had earlier reported that Droom plans to invest heavily in IoT and Artificial Intelligence to help it scale its businesses.

50,000 inspections

Droom also said that its vehicle inspection service, ECO, has crossed 50,000 inspections till date.

It further said that it is targeting over 7.5 lakh inspections under ECO for the year 2019, a 15-time jump from its current figures.

Source: The Hindu