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Finance Ministry starts Twitter series on economy

NEW DELHI: Here are some economy lessons for you. The finance ministry has started a Twitter series explaining terms related to the economy and the general budget. This comes after a Twitter quiz related to the budget. The series under the #GeneralBudget2019 has so far quizzed users on terms such as the Union budget, interim budget, fiscal deficit, fiscal policy and inflation.

The latest in the series seeks to educate people about the Economic Survey, which will be tabled in Parliament on July 4. The series defines terms including the Economic Survey and GDP in comic format with a bespectacled professor explaining to a student.

“Without understanding GDP, it is very difficult for anyone to measure and understand how various policies and initiatives contribute to the growth path of the country. So, our learned professor has decided to keep GDP as the first lesson,” the ministry said in a Tweet.

A similar initiative was taken earlier as well by the ministry.

Source: Economic Times