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Geospatial data will emerge as a key differentiator for businesses: CSS Corp’s Manish Tandon

Chennai: Tech company CSS Corp is investing heavily in geospatial technologies as they see huge potential in the space. Manish Tandon, CEO of CSS Corp said their services will enable organizations to visualize spatial data, generate insights on spatial relationships from massive datasets, and simplify data management.

He said the company’s services enable organizations to acquire and merge high-quality spatial data efficiently from multiple sources, allowing for easy access, analysis, and utilization. It also help organizations generate new revenue streams through value-added services using locational context and targeting under-served markets using spatial analytics.

“Geospatial technologies facilitating high-end locational intelligence will be the catalyst for a smart, inclusive community,” he said. “Internet of Things, Big Data Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence integrated with spatial intelligence will transform the way we live and work. Geospatial data will emerge as a key differentiator for businesses while building new products and services. It can be leveraged for decisive insights and enable smarter business decisions.”

Geospatial technologies can use the power of IoT and analytics to provide real-time insights to manage basic amenities such as power and streamlining postal operations. This form of data combined with market intelligence, demographics, and operational data can be used for building marketing networks, creating telecom infrastructure, or scheduling healthcare visits in smart cities.

The company, which offers analytics, automation and cloud consulting services, has a portfolio that encompasses geographic information systems (GIS), geo-image processing, mapping, and geo-analytics services. Location data gathering is made possible through the network of connected sensors that deliver real-time information of community movement, utility deliveries, traffic, crime and so on.

The rollout of 5G will be another big positive trigger for geospatial technologies gaining prominence, the CEO of the technology company owned by Swiss PE firm Partners Group said.

“If you look at 5G, most of the use cases are location dependent,” Manish said. “Whether it is autonomous driving or location based advertising, all of this is location-based. When 5G will give you the power, one of the fundamental things is location and hence, mapping and geospatial technologies is crucial and that is an area that we have started with and are having some very good success.”

An interesting focus of the company when it comes to mapping services is that of providing services in native languages in order to cater to a wider audience.

The company has been on an aggressive path for growth. This is expected to continue this year too where CSS Corp is looking to expand its facilities in India by employing about 1,000 people over the course of this year.

CSS Corp, Manish said has been growing sequentially by 5%, Manish said and has witnessed a growth of 25% from last year. Despite the expansions, Manish said the company was able to maintain its EBITDA and is currently focussed on “enhancing human potential.”

In India, the company has offices situated in Noida, Bengaluru, Chennai and Hyderabad. Overseas, it has centres in the US, Poland, Mauritius, Costa Rica, China and the Philippines. The company is constantly looking for greener pastures to expand in though, Tandon said.

Source: Economic Times