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Going forward, partners like IBM will ‘keep the lights on’: IBM India General Manager

Chennai: “If today there is a fair amount of staff focused on IT or as I say, keeping the lights on, going forward you can take it for granted because there are credible partners like IBM to take care of it,” said Lingraju Sawkar, General Manager, Global Technology Services, IBM India / South Asia while speaking about the company partnering with Avanse Financial Services for a hybrid cloud platform.

He went on to add that this would ensure that the IT staff who have the knowledge and know how will then start focusing on strategic areas and newer initiatives which will lead to clients embracing the “journey to the cloud.”

With the advent of Redhat and Open source and adopting new technologies around platform based applications would help the responses to the market improve significantly, he said.

“We believe in a multi –cloud workload and that the world is going to go very strongly on open source and our entire strategy and aligning with Redhat in the recent acquisition that we did was to ensure that the world gets to open source and more importantly enables scalability and faster adoption around enterprise open source using Redhat,” said Lingraju.

Speaking of the collaboration with Avanse, he said the company has used some of the latest technologies on software defined networks, especially around web filtering. Further, a lot of emphasis has been laid on security management and vulnerability assessment. Predictive analysis is yet another area of focus, he said.

“At an infrastructure level, what we are deploying at Avanse with our service delivery platform and cognitive AI engine, Watson, is to feed on the millions of information that it comes across… So what it does is based on those insights and captures some of the new technology issues,” he said.

With automation, he said the scope of human error too is highly reduced in addition to it becoming a ‘self healing technology.’

“Three years ago I used to take 30 days to approve one educational loan but today in my digital investments that I have made that for my digital business, I have already gone live on platform where I am able do a customer loan from my bureau, send it across the country in less than 10 minutes from prospect to disbursement. It could have never happened if I would have invested in my core lending platform and my IT infra,” said Amit Gainda, CEO of Avanse Financial Services.

He added that Avanse being a financial services company has laid a premium on cyber security. “We have done all the necessary investments over a global security, whether its preventions in data leakages, business loses or necessary audits around that, we build and created processors and institutionalised them and we also make tools around, that one to ensure that it goes well,” Amit said.

Source: Economic Times