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Google Phone app may soon get call recording feature: Report

Having an important business or personal call and would like the conversation to be recorded for posterity on your Android-powered phone? Although, Google provides a separate voice recording app with that facility on most of its phones and also offers a host of third-party apps for call recording, reports suggest that it may soon push the feature in its Pixel Series’ default Phone app.

According to XDA Developers report, the latest version of Google Phone app, 43.0.289191107, has been spotted testing the call recording feature on Android One handsets, especially Pixel 4 smartphones.

After decoding the resources of the latest version, the site revealed that a number of assets “pertaining to call recording” as well as a new layout and icon could be spotted. Along with that, 9to5Google also reported that they were “able to see various lines of code within that hint at possible future” of the feature’s arrival, in the form of new strings – “Record” and “Recording.”

Earlier, call recording on Android phones has been provided by the phone’s manufacturers rather than Google due to lack of an official recording application programming interface (API) for the mobile OS, which essentially is a software intermediary that allows two applications to talk to each other. For example, each time you use an app or send an instant message, you’re using an API.

An interesting point to note is that there is no such news on Apple developing any default Call Recording facility for its iPhone. Access to this feature on iPhones is limited to third-party dialer apps which can be downloaded from the App Store.

However, the reports also mention that the feature is still under development and Google may or may not at roll out this feature at all, but lets keep our hopes up.

Source: Livemint