Google to focus on growing Tamil language content on the web


CHENNAI: In an effort to create a bigger market for Tamil language content on the web, Google held an event on Tuesday in Chennai bringing together publishers, bloggers and advertisers from across the state. This follows the launch of Google’s AdWords and AdSense products in late February for publishers and advertisers focussed on a Tamil language audience.

Google also hosted workshops for participants on creating businesses and generating income through Tamil content. The search giant said Tamil language users are one of the most active users on the Internet in India with over 40% of the overall Tamil audience engaged in online content.

Jaivir Nagi, head – Online Partnerships business, Google India said, “We started by focusing on Hindi and we have made considerable progress in bringing new publishers and content creators in Hindi online. We are now focusing on replicating the success of Hindi for Tamil. With growing interest in digital advertising, many advertisers are keen to engage users in their local languages, and this revenue can help publishers and content creators to build a sustainable businesses online.”

“Towards this goal, we recently announced the launch of Tamil support in our advertising products enabling content creators and advertisers connect with Tamil internet users; And we will continue to invest in supporting Tamil language creators to build a strong presence for Tamil language content on the Internet..” he further added. Google had recently launched Tamil Language support for Google AdWords and Google AdSense, enabling publishers and advertisers to run ads in Tamil and supporting Tamil language publishers to run ads powered by Google in Tamil.

The market for local language advertising is expected to grow to Rs 10,000 crores in the next three years, said Nagi, capturing 35% of the overall digital advertising market from the 5% share it has currently. India has 234 million Indian language users who are online (compared to 175 million English web users) and this figure is expected to reach 534 by 2021, according to Google.

Source: Economic Times