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Here’s how Amazon collects employee feedback — One question a day

Here’s how Amazon collects employee feedback -- One question a day Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO and Co-Founder

From Mark Zuckerberg to Peter Thiel, several big-shot tech entrepreneurs were college dropouts. However, don’t be fooled by these fast growing companies. Today, majority of the tech companies including Microsoft, Google, and Apple employ thousands of college graduates to fill the gaps in their organisations. And graduates who land a job in these companies make big bucks.

With inexperienced entrepreneurs making it big, ever thought what goes on the inside? How do these companies compensate, treat their employees? Is their work culture hospitable or repulsive?

Like many companies, you can too do quarterly employee evaluations to understand how your workers feel about work and the workplace. But is it something you revolve everyday at office? At Amazon, the management has been doing just that on a daily basis from years through its Connection app, reported CNBC. The app asks employees to answer series of work-related questions that vary in nature from how crowded are washrooms to how productive are meetings. There might be follow-up questions by the system on the same.

Amazon has also changed its employee review process by its program ‘Forte’. Forte focuses less on the weakness of employees and more on their strengths. The company first revealed this plan back in 2015 and was implemented in Amazon fulfillment centers with results being analysed by an internal team.

The program was launched after The New York Times described culture at Amazon’s workplace as ‘Bruising’. These tools were then implemented to give better understanding of the Amazon’s staff. Even though there has been criticism by the employees over the anonymity of the feedback, the company’s Glassdoor and LinkedIn improved drastically after the tools.  

Amazon maybe the biggest company that’s implementing the programs, but it’s not the only one. Real-time feedback apps have become a necessity for a large company. Further, these programs have taken a big leap in the financial world, making the likes of Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan implement similar tools.   

Source: Financial Express