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In charts: Fuel prices on the rise – Moneycontrol

Fuel prices have been revised upward over the past few days. Check out how fuel prices have moved since the beginning of this year.

The fuel prices remain unchanged in Kolkata too, where a litre of petrol and diesel prices were Rs 101.62 and 9.71, respectively. (Image: Shutterstock)

Fuel prices have hit record highs across the country, with that of petrol hiked by between 22 and 29 paise per litre and diesel by 28 to 32 paise per litre on October 5. Petrol prices have been scaled up for the sixth time since September 28 and diesel for the ninth time since September 24.

The latest revision has taken the price of petrol to Rs 102.64 per litre in Delhi and Rs 108.67 per litre in Mumbai; diesel is at Rs 91.07 per litre in Delhi and Rs 98.80 per litre in Mumbai.
Petrol and diesel prices differ across states, depending on the local taxes levied. Let’s take a look at how much one ends up paying in taxes and commission:

Considering the retail price of petrol on October 1 in Delhi at Rs 101.89 per litre, nearly 59 percent or Rs 60.57 is paid as taxes, dealer commission and freight. Likewise, the retail cost of a litre of diesel was Rs 90.17, of which 53 percent or Rs 47.88 was added as taxes, freight and commission.

“We are watching the situation and trying to ensure the impact of global volatility is moderated to a large extent,” said petroleum secretary Tarun Kapoor.

“The basket of crude oil that India buys has jumped to a near three-year high of $76.71 per barrel. International prices of petrol, against which local rates are benchmarked, have risen from $85.10 per barrel to $87.11 in just one day while diesel has gone up from $85.95 a barrel to $87.27,” Kapoor added.

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