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In Uttar Pradesh, you can now ‘adopt’ a government primary school

New Delhi: The Yogi Adityanath government has brought out a new policy by which any person, organization or an elected representative like an MLA or an MP can “adopt” a government primary school in Uttar Pradesh to improve its infrastructure and facilities for giving children a “clean, fulfilling and developed atmosphere”. This has been done after the UP government was inundated with such proposals, as per an order issued on Tuesday.

This new policy comes close on the heels of a series of media reports from schools in UP regarding poor facilities or sub-standards mid-day meals. A controversy had occurred after incidents had emerged lately in UP of school children just being served Rotis without any vegetables or pulses, of milk being served to children was diluted with large quantities of water and even a dead rat being found in a mid-day meal. The new policy for adoption has specified “there must be no violation of the Right to Education law” while executing the process of adoption of schools.

As per the new policy, the school’s name will not be changed but the person adopting the school will be given due recognition for the same by way of signage being put up in the school. The person or organisation adopting the school can provide help in the form of improving the school building and electrical wiring, provide infrastructure like fans, lights, desks, chairs, sports equipment and teaching equipment including converting the classrooms into smart classrooms by providing audio-visual aids. The adopter can also help to set up a library and clean drinking water facilities in the school. “If any individual or organisation wants to provide facilities of free study material at the school, the same can be considered if it does not impact the present syllabus or does not involve any religious or political dialogue,” the order of the UP government says.

The ‘adopted’ school will continue to be under the control of the Basic Education Directorate of UP government which will continue to govern the posting of teachers and own the assets in the form of the infrastructure. No commercial activity will be allowed from the school premises and the adoption of the school by a private party must not tamper with the basic character of the school, the order says. The Basic Education Officers have been asked to forward proposals regarding schools that are in a poor shape presently and in dire need of repairs and augmentation of facilities. A committee headed by a District Magistrate will be set up to consider the adoption proposals made by the Basic Education Officer.

Source: Economic Times