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Infosys Q4 Results LIVE Updates | Digital revenues at 59.2% of total revenues, operating margin at 21.5% – Moneycontrol

April 13, 2022 / 05:32 PM IST

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April 13, 2022 / 05:25 PM IST

Infosys Q4 Results LIVE | Infosys said it expanded its fresher hiring programme to 85,000 for the year from the 55,000 it had shared earlier t meet strong demand for its services. This also comes at a time when its attrition has spiked, amidst an unprecedented war for technology talent in India. The rate of attrition stood at 27.7 percent. Read full report

April 13, 2022 / 05:19 PM IST

Infosys Q4 Results LIVE | India’s second-largest software firm Infosys grew faster than its bigger rival TCS in revenue for the third year in a row, a trend that is likely to continue in the near term as the Bengaluru-based firm aims to become the country’s IT bellwether again.

Infosys registered revenue of $16.3 billion, growing 20.3 percent for the year ended March 31, 2022, whereas TCS grew 15.9 percent with the revenue at $25.7 billion. Infosys has maintained that trajectory for three years in a row, starting FY20. Read full report

April 13, 2022 / 05:15 PM IST

Infosys Q4 results | Profit rises 12 percent from last year to Rs 5,686 crore, revenue grows to Rs 32,276 crore

The growth was aided by discretionary programs that have a smaller size but also shorter execution timeframe. Supply side challenges and higher visa costs however, have dented the margins for the…

April 13, 2022 / 05:09 PM IST

Infosys Q4 Results LIVE | Highlights of the quarterly performance

– Revenues in CC terms grew by 20.6% YoY and 1.2% QoQ 

– Reported revenues at Rs 32,276 crore, growth of 22.7% YoY 

– Digital revenues at 59.2% of total revenues, YoY CC growth of 38.8% 

– Operating margin at 21.5%, decline of 3.0% YoY 

– Basic EPS at Rs 13.56, growth of 13.4% YoY

– FCF at Rs 5,769 crore, decline of 0.9% YoY; FCF conversion at 101.3% of net profit

April 13, 2022 / 05:01 PM IST

Infosys Q4 Results LIVE | Free Cash Flows surpassing $3 billion and Return on Equity of 29.1%, reflecting the company’s success, driven by client-centricity and rich capabilities,” Infosys CFO Nilanjan Roy said.

April 13, 2022 / 05:00 PM IST

 Infosys Q4 Results LIVE | Free Cash Flows came in at Rs 5,769 crore in Q4 FY22, marking a decline of 0.9 percent as compared to the year-ago period. FCF for the entire fiscal came in at Rs 22,803 crore, which marked a growth of 3.6% YoY.

April 13, 2022 / 04:55 PM IST

Infosys Q4 Results LIVE | The basic EPS was reported at Rs 13.56, which marked a 13.4 percent year-on-year growth, the company said. For the entire fiscal, EPS grew by 15.2 percent to Rs 52.52. 

““In a year marked by intense supply side challenges, Infosys delivered strong financial performance – EPS growth of 15.2 percent,”  said Nilanjan Roy, Infosys’ Chief Financial Officer.

April 13, 2022 / 04:53 PM IST

Infosys Q4 Results LIVE | The operating margin in fourth quarter came in at 21.5 percent, which marked a decline of 3 percent as compared to the corresponding period in the past year, Infosys said.

April 13, 2022 / 04:50 PM IST

Infosys Q4 Results LIVE | “With the acceleration of digital disruptions across industries, we see immense potential to engage and partner with clients as they transform, adapt and thrive. We will scale talent globally, invest in employees and accelerate innovation and digital capabilities to capitalize on the expanding market opportunity”, Salil Parekh added.

April 13, 2022 / 04:49 PM IST

Infosys Q4 Results LIVE | Digital revenues came in at 59.2 percent of total revenues, which marks a year-on-year growth of 38.8 percent., Infosys said.

“Infosys delivered highest annual growth in a decade with broad-based performance driven by deeply differentiated digital and Infosys Cobalt led cloud capabilities, powered by ‘One Infosys’ approach. We continue to gain market share as a result of sustained clients’ confidence in our ability to successfully navigate their digital journeys”, said Salil Parekh, CEO and MD.

April 13, 2022 / 04:47 PM IST

Infosys Q4 Results LIVE Updates | The revenue, which came in at Rs 32,276 crore, was up 20 percent year-on-year and 1.2 percent quarter-on-quarter.