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Intel to support Coconics localise supply chain, innovate

In a unique initiative, the Government of Kerala has partnered with US-based IT company UST Global to launch a new laptop brand — Coconics. Three new laptops were unveiled by Coconics, and the company is focussing on B2B in the first phase but will start B2C selling soon.

Coconics has also been guided and supported by Intel, but there is no partnership or investment from the company. However, BusinessLine has learned that UST Global has had a long-term partnership with Intel since 2009, and with 51 per cent of Coconics being privately held, it gives Intel the comfort to work with the company. “We can match them (Coconics) with ODMs in China, so that they can get exposed to really large scale (millions of units) production,” said Prakash Mallya, Intel’s Managing Director, Sales and Marketing Group for India. Mallya added that Intel helps companies like Coconics localise the supply chain process over a period of time. “Innovation and enabling on supply chain are two of the biggest areas that we have specifically worked with Coconics,” said Mallya.

The first step for companies like Coconics would be to build for the country, as penetration in India is still very low, Mallya said. However, he was optimistic about India being a manufacturing hub for the entire world. “Coconics is like an OEM or an ODM built in India. Over a period of time, they can actually compete globally too,” he said.

Companies also have to invest in marketing and business development as that will give them the runway to more volumes and to compete globally, said Mallya, adding that Intel aims to make companies like Coconics globally competitive by collaborating with them.

“The other part is that you can operate as an OEM with a branded solution, or you could also be an ODM and manufacture for the world,” said Mallya. Coconics said that their laptops will be “competitively priced” and will be available for distribution by Q2 2019.

Source: The Hindu