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Is it possible to keep diabetes under check? Here are a few ways to manage

Diabetes is among the diseases which cannot be cured with medication. High blood sugar can adversely affect any person’s health. But people with diabetes are always at a higher risk.
The most important thing for diabetic patients is to keep their blood sugar level under control to avoid hospitalisation. And it’s possible to keep the disease under control. Here are a few ways to manage your blood sugar level.
Never skip breakfastPeople often prioritise work over the morning meal. It’s more harmful than people realise. Breakfast should be had with a good amount of protein to optimum maintain blood sugar level.
The power of almondsAlmond intake is highly beneficial for patients with type 2 diabetes. A study has revealed that consuming 60 grams of almonds every day keeps blood sugar under control, which also reduces the risk of heart-related diseases. Additionally, the inclusion of almonds in the diet also reduces the serum glucose level by up to 6 per cent.
Keep a check on carbohydratesCarbohydrates break down into body sugar, which consists of glucose in high proportion, and insulin delivers this sugar to cells. The more carbs you take the more sugar will reach your blood cells. Better to consume complex carbohydrates such as whole grains, vegetables and low saturated fat to the diet. You can also have low-fat meats and dairy products.
Digestion is the keyEat foods that are digested slowly in the blood. This helps the level of sugar in the blood to be under control and keeps the individual healthy. For this, you should consume vegetables, legumes and fruits. And also, whole grains, nuts and seeds.
Keep movingExercise daily. Unable to do heavy workouts? No sweat. Walk, jog or do yoga. This will help you lose weight and control your insulin level. Exercise allows muscles to use more insulin, which keeps blood sugar level maintained.
Stress is a bummerIncreasing stress level also affects the sugar level of the body. Studies say that the release of glucagon and cortical hormone in the body due to stress increases sugar level. Control stress or perform activities that help in releasing stress.
No sweetener is goodSweetener and preservatives found in soda and sweet drinks can do great harm to your body. They increase the blood sugar level rapidly. Artificial sweetener should be avoided, too. To our collective dismay, they affect blood sugar like normal sweeteners.
Say no to smoking, alcohol, coffee and teaTea and coffee contain caffeine, which is not good for diabetics, and alcohol and smoking are detrimental to health in more ways than one.

Ajay Kumar Ajmani Sr, Consultant, Endocrinology Department, BLK Super Speciality Hospital

Source: Business Standard