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JM Financial Services launches Paperless Fixed Deposits Online

Mumbai: JM Financial Services has built a facility that will allow distributors to book corporate fixed deposits for investors online through its website

This will help distributors scale their business and focus on strengthening client relationships, The solution will provide both sub-broker assisted transaction as well as investor self-initiated transactions in Corporate Fixed Deposits from institutions of high repute and rating.

By combining technology and goals-based financial planning with personal advisory relationships, the solution will helps its distributors meet the needs of the more than 60% of investors who want a combination of digital capabilities as well as access to expert personal advice. The advantage of this platform is that the investor will continue to control the process, by way of authenticating or approving the transaction, without giving any Power of Attorney to debit their account. They would be able to approve the transaction either using the desktop or mobile application.

Distributors empanelled with JM Financial Services will be able to offer the services to existing as well as new clients, with one time account opening and limited paper work. The platform will be integrated with the Central Know Your Customer Registry (CKYC) thereby eliminating the need for submission of KYC for every transaction.

The paper less corporate “Fixed deposits online” will be in addition to the IPO and Mutual Funds distributor platform offered presently by the firm. The solution will also allow the investors to have access to a consolidated view of all their investments in one place.

Source: Economic Times