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Madhya Pradesh election 2018: BJP will Win , Opposition unity or not, says Kailash Vijayvargiya


KOLKATA: The BJP is on course to winning the Madhya Pradesh assembly election, whether opposition parties contest the polls separately or form an alliance, said the party’s national general secretary and former state minister Kailash Vijayvargiya.

“Can you see any coalition happening in any of the states that are going to the polls? Congress was looking for some oxygen and that is why the party was making efforts to ally with Mayawati’s BSP. However, the coalition did not happen. With or without coalition, we will win here,” said Vijayvargiya.

“In fact, if all opposition parties come together and join hands, we will win then too. We have more than 50% of the total vote share in the state. And our support base is intact,” he said.

The BJP leader said that contrary to the claims of the opposition, farmers in the state were firmly supporting his party.

Dismissing claims of farm distress and calling the farmers’ march to Delhi a politically motivated event organised by the Congress and Left groups he said all genuine farmers were still with the BJP.

“We have been travelling to villages, speaking to farmers everywhere. There has been no farm distress as it has been projected. “All farmers, the actual ones, are still with us. The people who march to Delhi are motivated by the Congress and Left groups. These marches are politically motivated events to disturb the government at the Centre which has been working really hard for the country,” he said.

Source: Economic Times