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Mohan Bhagwat at Bombay Stock Exchange: ‘India shouldn’t limit its view to any ‘-ism”

image Bhagwat, who was attending the event to share his thoughts on Indian economy, said that country should not limit its perspective to any ‘-ism’ like capitalism or communism.

RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat on Monday addressed Bombay Stock Exchange and shared his views on economy. Bhagwat suggested that the country should not limit its perspective to any ‘-ism’ like capitalism or communism. The RSS ideologue further suggested that to make any policy a success, one should focus on its intent, not data or numbers.

The RSS chief further suggested that India should focus on increasing exports. He said the country should not dump products, but sell it on its quality. “We need to have a balance between agriculture, industry and commerce. India should lead world economy through its own model of development,” Bhagwat said.

Speaking over the issue of Air India disinvestment, the RSS chief said the company should be handed over to any person who “can run Air India efficiently”. He said that the Air India owner must be an Indian player.

Bhagwat suggested that Indian economy will always be driven by MSME enterprises. “World has not been able to meet their needs with the available means. Don’t become a slave to any one theory,” he said. He further said that circumstances keep changing. He added that test of any policy is to see whether it has reached the last person on the pyramid.

Speaking on digital currency, the RSS chief said it is not possible to reach a completely cashless society. “There will be some cash, you people here may use cashless currency, but all can not use it,” Bhagwat said.

Speaking on Indian economy’s dependency on Agriculture, Bhagwat suggested that it’s time to move away from farming for country’s growth. Some people say that India is Agriculture dependent economy, he said, adding that now it’s time to take up other things as well. Once upon a time India had 24 per cent of world’s total business, that is not the case today, he said.

Source: Financial Express