Net neutrality: Telecom panel approves TRAI recommendations


Telecom Commission has approved the TRAI recommendations on net neutrality. Some critical services to be kept out of purview, says Department of Telecommunications Secretary.

Net neutrality, in simple terms means that users should have neutral access to all lawful content and applications on the internet, regardless of the source, without the government or ISPs influencing your choices through pricing or selective access. Advocates of net neutrality argue that it is the openness of the internet which makes the worldwide web so democratic.

But opponents to net neutrality say that without these rules, ISPs will be better able to invest in to improving internet speed, infrastructure and optimising radio spectrum. In India, in the absence of net neutrality, internet-based businesses may have gone the same way, with larger players across apps, content platforms, services or e-commerce allying to keep out smaller ones.

Source: The Hindu