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Netflix wants to save millions of dollars just by changing its font, and it’s not the first one to do so

Netflix wants to save millions of dollars just by changing its font, and it’s not the first one to do so

Netflix spends billions of dollars on producing new content, but this new move by the company is actually the one that may save it a whole lot of cash and it’s all to do with the font it uses on its platform. Netflix has developed a new typeface and has moved-on from using the traditional ‘Gotham’ style. The font is an inspiration from the company’s logo, mainly from the curves in its current logo.

Being the brainchild of its designers Tanya Kumar and Noah Nathan along with typeface designer Dalton Maag, the font has been developed so that it gives user a better experience on the website and can also be used for billboard campaigns, going forward.  

The new font, named Netflix Sans, will save a huge chunk of marketing money as using proprietary fonts often call for large licensing fees.

Here’s a look at companies that launched their own fonts and saved thousands (if not millions) of dollars


Font: SamsungOne

Around 2 years back, Samsung launched its own font SamsungOne, a typeface that Samsung expected to give a consistent visual identity with its products. The font was designed to be used across its diverse portfolio with a focus on smartphones to connected TVs, refrigerators as well as for its marketing and advertising purposes.


Font: Air

Travel accommodation website, Airbnb, also went from using default fonts to creating its own “Air” font. The logo wasn’t the only update Netflix update that month, as both the the platforms – web and mobile received a makeover with the new custom font included.


Font: GE Inspira

Back in 2002, GE had been using the Futura font for its content, the company felt the dire need for a facelift. So the technology behemoth took the help of an accomplished typeface designer Michael Abbink to develop a new font. The collaboration ended creating one of the most iconic fonts created till date ‘GE Inspira’. The font was very much in line with its other brands. Even after being a proprietary font, the manufacturer allows other people to download it for free through its website.


Font: Nokia Pure

Nokia has been using its own font from a long time, Nokia Sans.  In 2011, the brand decided to revamp its font and launched ‘Nokia Pure’. To develop the style of the font, the company worked with famous typographer  Dalton Maag and Finlandia, a Vodka spirits firm. The result was a much cleaner font, specifically when displayed on a Nokia handset.


Font: Chip Shot

One of the biggest tech giants around the globe, Intel, recognised that just a font would not help create a unified branding, but with people stuck on handheld devices typeface makes a difference in reading.

So they launched a font that would scale on different screens, languages and mediums, globally. The result was a simple, subtle and easy to read font that now, Intel uses everywhere.

Source: Financial Express