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Never thought a man who considers Muslims as puppies, would become Prime Minister one day, says Mani Shankar Aiyar

Never thought a man who considers Muslims as puppies, would become Prime Minister one day, says Mani Shankar Aiyar (Image: ANI)

Suspended Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar has once again courted controversy by saying that he never thought of a man (Prime Minister Narendra Modi) who consider Muslims as puppies, would become Prime Minister of the country one day. Speaking to news agency ANI on Saturday, Aiyar said, “Maine nahi socha tha 2014 ke pehle ki ek CM jo Musalmanon ko pilley(puppies) samajhta hai,jab poocha gaya ki aapko dukh hai kya ki itne Musalmanon ko jaan ki kurbaani deni padi 2002 mein,unhone kaha ‘ek pilla bhi gaadi ke neeche aa jaaye to dil mein kuch chot lagta hai. (I never thought before 2014 that a CM who considers Muslims as puppies…When he was aksed if he was sad over the deaths of Muslims in 2002, he said that even when a pully dies, it hearts)”

The Congress leader added that Narendra Modi never went to Muslims’ refugee camp and only went to Ahmedabad Mosque when then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Bajpayee visited it. “Maine socha ki jis aadmi ne aisa kaha,jo 24 din Musalamanon ke refugee camp mein nahi gaya aur Ahmedabad Masjid uss din pahucha jab PM Vajpayee aaye aur unke saath jaana majbooran tha… socha hi nahi tha ki aisa ek vyakti desh ka pradhanmantri ban sakta hai (I had never thought that a man who didn’t go to Muslims’ refugee camp for 24 days and went to Ahmedabad Mosque only when PM Atal Atal Bihari Bajpayee visited because it was a compulsion…never thought a man like this would become country’s prime minister),” Aiyar was quoted as saying by ANI.

This is not the first time that Aiyar has triggered controversies with his remarks. In the past, Aiyar (76) gave his statements on several issues like his love for Pakistan. On February 13, 2018, during his visit to Karachi, the Congress leader had said, “Thousands of people, whom I don’t know, hug me, wish me.” He also said,”I receive much more hatred in India than the love I receive in Pakistan. So I am happy to be here. They are clapping for me because I speak of peace,” reports ANI.

Last year, ahead of Gujarat assembly elections, former Rajya Sabha MP had called Prime Minister Narendra Modi”neech kism ka aadmi” which means a low life. The statement comes after Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated Ambedkar International Centre and accused the grand old party of eroding Ambedkar’s legacy. Speaking to ANI, Aiyar had said, “Ye aadmi bahut neech kisam ka aadmi hai. Is mein koi sabhyata nahi hai aur aise mauke par is kisam ki gandi rajniti karne ki kya avashyakta hai.” However, later both the Congress party and Aiyar expressed regret over the comments.

Source: Financial Express