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October 2021 Car Sales – Maruti, Hyundai, Tata, Mahindra, Kia, Toyota –

Maruti Suzuki posted 1,08,991 units in the month of October 2021 as against 1,63,656 units with 33 per cent YoY de-growth

Maruti Suzuki India Limited (MSIL) continued to sit at the top of the sales charts in the month of October 2021 as 1,08,991 units were recorded against 1,63,656 units during the same period last year with a YoY de-growth of 33 per cent. The second place was held by Hyundai as 37,021 units were sold against 56,605 units in October 2020.

Just as MSIL, the South Korean auto major posted a massive sales decline close to 35 per cent. Despite the festive times when the volumes will be higher than usual, the shortage of semiconductor supply has hampered production across various disciplines but most of the brands had recorded good MoM growth. Tata Motors finished in the third position with 33,926 units as against 23,600 units.

This led to a massive YoY surge of 44 per cent as the brand continues to impress in the monthly sales table and more importantly closes the gap to Hyundai. Mahindra & Mahindra slotted in at fourth ahead of Kia, Toyota, Renault, Honda, Nissan and Skoda. The homegrown SUV specialist posted 20,130 units in the month of October 2021.

Brands (YoY)October 2021 SalesOctober 2020 Sales
1. Maruti Suzuki (-33%)1,08,9911,63,656
2. Hyundai (-35%)37,02156,605
3. Tata (44%)33,92623,600
4. Mahindra (10%)20,13018,317
5. Kia (-22%)16,33121,021
6. Toyota (1%)12,44012,373
7. Renault (-19%)8,91011,005
8. Honda (-25%)8,10810,836
9. Nissan (254%)3,9131,105
10. VW (50%)3,0772,054
11. Skoda (116%)3,0651,421
12. MG (-24%)2,8633,750
13. FCA (59%)1,324832
14. Citroen64

Compared with the same period twelve months ago with 18,317 units, the company posted 10 per cent YoY positive growth. Kia was the fifth most sold manufacturer in the country last month as 16,331 units were registered against 21,021 units during the corresponding month in 2020 with a YoY de-growth of 22 per cent.

Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) ended up sixth with 12,440 units as against 12,373 units in October 2020 with 1 per cent volume increase. Courtesy of the Kwid and Kiger, Renault managed to garner 8,910 units last month. However, they could not avert negative growth as 11,005 units were recorded during the same month last year with a 19 per cent decline.



Honda Cars India finished in the eighth position with 8,108 units as against 10,836 units with 25 per cent de-growth while Nissan, Volkswagen, Skoda, MG, FCA and Citroen covered the remaining positions. Both Skoda and VW will introduce midsize sedans next year while Citroen’s C3 compact SUV will also enter the market in 2022.