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Ola Electric says e-scooter a start, e-bikes and cars coming soon – HT Auto

Ola Electric has ambitious plans and the innings in the world of electric mobility has begun on a strong note with the reception for the Ola Electric S1 battery-powered scooter. The company registered sales worth 1,100 crore in two days of online purchase window for the S1 and S1 Pro trims.

But Ola Electric CEO Bhavish Aggarwal underlined that it may well be a start and that his company is eyeing entry into the electric bike and electric car space.

Aggarwal shared a blog post on his Twitter handle on Thursday morning in which he outlined the potential for personal mobility that is up for grabs in India. Highlighting how vehicle penetration among Indians remains low, he confirmed foray into the electric bike and electric car space. “We have already moved forward here with our Futurefactory, the largest 2W factory in the world building the first in our range of scooters – the Ola S1, the best scooter ever made. In the coming quarters we will expand our EV range with more scooters, bikes and cars,” he wrote.

Aggarwal and Ola Electric have previously pointed to conventional vehicles being obsolete because these are expensive to maintain and are also detrimental to the environment. In the most-recent blog post, he took the attack a step further. “Our EVs are smart, connected AI machines and will leapfrog current personal vehicles that are dumb mechanical devices,” he wrote. “We will bring this multi-modal mobility to all 1.3B people by Ola designed EVs customized for the diverse shared mobility needs.”

Cheaper, better and customized are buzzwords mentioned by Aggarwal time and again. And even as he continues to make lofty promises and charts out the course ahead, sweeping aside doubts and possible aspersions, the on-ground progress remains to be seen. Test rides and deliveries of Ola S1 electric scooter start come October and the online purchase window will re-open November 1.