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People prefer one kind of job, needless cry over unemployment: Sadhguru


Isha Foundation founder Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev Sunday said the reason for hue and cry over unemployment was because of people’s preference for one kind of a job, when there were many others around.

“In this country, nobody should be talking about unemployment as there is so much to be done in India.. The problem is people look for a certain kind of job, when there are many other kinds of jobs around,” he said at the sixth session of Youth and Truth series on IIM-B campus here.

Sadhguru was replying to a query from students on unemployment in India.

Noting that there were several problems afflicting the country, he said people should use their knowledge to find solutions to them.

“If you have a working brain and a seeing eye, there are thousands of things to be done right around you.

If you are enterprising, can the world stop you? Where there is a problem, there is a possibility,” he added.

Sadhguru further said India never had role models in its culture because the idea was about constantly trying to evolve oneself.

“Having a role model is like a mango tree wanting to become like a coconut tree,” he said.

Sadhguru will travel to Hyderabad for the next session on September 18.

Source: Economic Times