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Petrol & Diesel Prices in India per state: How much fuel costs in states, cities on Feb 22 – Republic TV

The fuel prices across all Indian states have drastically varied in the past two weeks and the common man now awaits some relief. Many factors like varying fuel prices globally, excise duty, value-added tax and most importantly the price of per barrel crude that also has been varying reflect in the prices of petrol and diesel.

Diesel Prices Today:

Diesel is priced over Rs 82 in most Indian states on Monday with the highest being Rs 89.44 and Rs 89.29 per litre in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh respectively. While the least is between Rs 80.21/ litre to Rs 81.93 in eight Indian states, diesel price in other states stood between Rs 82-89/litre.

Petrol Prices Today:

The petrol prices that have skyrocketed in the past few days also remained to be the same with people in Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Rajasthan paying Rs 98.64, Rs 97.30 and Rs 97.10 for per litre petrol, on Monday. Andhra Pradesh and Assam are the only two states that witnessed the least price per litre of petrol that is Rs 87.24. The price of petrol in Gujarat stood at Rs 87.67/ litre. Petrol price in other Indian states stood between Rs 90-94.18 per litre, according to the Indian Oil Corporation Limited.

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On Saturday, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman stated that “It’s a vexatious issue in which no answer except for fall in fuel price will convince anyone,” as she hinted that the ‘Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) is likely to further cut output. As a result, this would only maintain the stress on fuel prices, Sitharaman had pointed. In the past 14 days, the petrol and diesel prices have risen by Rs 3.63/ litre and Rs 3.84/ litre respectively — a record high since 2010 when the prices were deregulated.

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Even FM Sitharaman agreed to the fact that now the answer would bring relief to people except ‘fall in the fuel rates’. Meanwhile, below listed are the petrol and diesel prices in all states of India, as on Monday.

  • New Delhi Petrol price – 90.58/ L

  • Bihar Petrol price –  92.91/ L

  • Chattisgarh Petrol price – 89.06/ L

  • Haryana Petrol price – 88.67/ L

  • Himachal Pradesh Petrol price – 88.55/ L

  • J&K Petrol price – 92.11/ L

  • Jharkhand Petrol price – 88.06/ L

  • Karnataka Petrol price – 93.22/ L

  • Kerala Petrol price – 91.05/ L

  • Odisha Petrol price – 91.30/ L

  • Punjab Petrol price – 89.64/ L

  • Tamil Nadu Petrol price – 93.07/ L

  • Telangana Petrol price – 94.18/ L

  • Uttar Pradesh Petrol price – 88.78/ L

  • Uttarakhand Petrol price – 89.44/ L

  • West Bengal Petrol price – 91.78/ L

Diesel rates per litre:


  • New Delhi Diesel price – 80.87/ L

  • Bihar Diesel price  – 86.22/ L

  • Chattisgarh Diesel price – 87.70/ L

  • Gujarat Diesel price – 87.14/ L

  • Assam Diesel price – 81.49/ L

  • Haryana Diesel price – 81.67/ L

  • Himachal Pradesh Diesel price – 80.42/ L

  • J&K Diesel price – 83.08/ L

  • Jharkhand Diesel price – 85.57/ L

  • Karnataka Diesel price – 85.47/ L

  • Kerala Diesel price – 85.70/ L

  • Maharashtra Diesel price – 87.70/ L

  • Odisha Diesel price – 88.24/ L

  • Punjab Diesel price – 81.93/ L

  • Tamil Nadu Diesel price – 86.46/ L

  • Telangana Diesel price – 88.31/ L

  • Uttar Pradesh Diesel price – 81.25/ L

  • Uttarakhand Diesel price – 81.62/ L

  • West Bengal Diesel price – 84.56/ L

The price per barrel of crude until Saturday was $59.25 that is 4,288.17 in Indian rupees. 

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