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PM Modi attacks Pakistan for promoting terrorism

A day after Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan threatened war against India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday launched a veiled attack on Pakistan for promoting terrorism in the region, including in Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Modi, from the ramparts of Red Fort, also reached out to Afghanistan ahead of its 100th independence-day anniversary amid US-led peace talks with the Taliban and efforts by Pakistan to play a role in the process.

Addressing the nation on the 73rd Independence Day, Modi ahead of his visit to France for the G-7 Summit where they will discuss counter-terrorism measures, outlined the need for all global powers to come together to fight terrorism, asserting that his government’s policy for eradicating terrorism was firm and clear.

“From the ramparts of the Red Fort, I give my greetings to the people of Afghanistan who are marking 100 years of freedom,” he said even as Pakistan aims to play a bigger role in the landlocked country. Afghanistan celebrates its Independence Day on August 19.

Modi stressed that peace and security are two important aspects of the development and said: “Different parts of the world are struggling with conflicts and security crisis. For world peace, India has to play its role — it can’t be a silent witness. We all must come together to identify those who support or breed terrorism. We are committed to fighting terror.”

Elaborating on India’s role in the fighting terrorism, Modi in an indirect reference to Pakistan policy said: “India is strongly fighting against those who are spreading terror. Terrorism in any part of the world is a war against humanity and hence all humanitarian forces should join to expose the real face of those who harbour, promote or export terror. Those who protect and support terrorism must be exposed.

Source: Economic Times