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Rain slows down in flood-hit Kerala, Rajnath Singh takes stock of situation

Roof of a house collapses following a flash flood, triggered by heavy rains, at Kodencheri in Kozhikode district of Kerala on ThursdayWith the fury of heavy rains coming down gradually, Kerala is now focusing on recovery from the losses it has faced in the last one week owing to the unprecedented flood havoc. While there are forecasts that there could be more rains in the next few days in the state, there has been a decrease in terms of rains and the inflow to the major reservoirs, thus bringing the situation under control.The water level in the Idukki reservoir came down to 2,398.82 feet on Sunday afternoon after going up to over 2,401 feet last week, against the full reservoir level of 2403 feet. The water level in other reservoirs also came down, in a relief to the people of the state.Union Minister of Home Affairs Rajnath Singh visited Kerala to take stock of the flood situation. Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and Opposition leader Ramesh Chennithala visited the flood-affected area on Saturday and requested people to help the state in recovering from the losses. The state government will be submitting its request for relief aid from the Centre.ALSO READ: Kerala floods: Centre announces immediate relief of Rs 1 billionThe government machinery is engaged in restoring services, including clearing the roads in the flood-affected area, after completing the rescue works.Vijayan said that hundreds of homes were totally destroyed and many more were damaged in the rains and the water washed away many shops and commercial establishments. The roads in the state were damaged to a large scale, with some roads being completely devoured by the flood waters. Even bridges had collapsed and crop losses occurred in most parts.For the first time in history, 27 dams in the state had to be opened. “Never before had the state witnessed a calamity of this scale. Inspite of that, we responded to the crisis quickly. We were able to rescue the affected and relocated them to camps,” he said, seeking support from people across the world to help the people in the state recover from the losses they have met with. Neighbouring states like Tamil Nadu and Karnataka have extended their support to the state and committed financial support to the relief fund.

ALSO READ: Passports damaged in Kerala floods to be replaced free of cost: SwarajEarlier, Vijayan and other ministers met a central team, comprising officials from the Home Ministry, Finance Ministry, and Central Water Commission, among others, visiting the state to take account of the monsoon disaster and the losses. The team informed the ministers that it has identified the damages caused by the monsoon and would be submitting its report on August 20.The chief minister informed the team that the state government would be submitting its request for support in two parts, one on the support to be released as per the standards and the other, a special representation seeking more funds for the huge losses the state has faced due to the rains.
Source: Business Standard