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RealPage’s Hyderabad centre: Driving product development from behind the scenes


Though it houses one-sixth of its parent firm’s total base of 6,500 employees and has been key to the company’s product development over the past last 11 years, RealPage India’s Hyderabad development centre has shied away from the media for over a decade.

RealPage is a 20-year-old Texas-based technology solutions company that serves the real-estate sector. It offers software and data analytics to the sector, to improve operational efficiencies for property managers and makes it easy for people to manage their stay.

From its centre in Hyderabad, RealPage’s India arm offers core engineering capability, operational support and content services to its clients based mostly in the US.

The centre, with 1,100 employees, is involved in the development of key products that are sold in the US real-estate sector.

“For one, content development is done completely out of our centre here. About 200 employees are engaged in building 2D and 3D floor models of the properties to be rented,” Jon Pastor, Senior Vice-President (Consumer Solutions) of RealPage Inc., told BusinessLine.

Property managers, who manage the rented properties and help people find leased properties and manage their stay, use RealPage’s products and solutions.

Listed in the US, the firm is now targeting revenues of $1 billion by 2020. “We hope to get there this year itself,” he said.

Global expansion

Though the bulk of the company’s revenues come from its US market, the firm is now looking at other markets for expansion. “We get part of our revenues from Asia, the UK and Canada. We are starting in Australia,” he said.

As it plans to tap other geographies, the firm is looking to the India development centre to fine-tune products and solutions for different countries.

India market

On tapping a fledgling real-estate market in India, the firm said India was on the radar. “We have started studying the market. But nothing is planned yet. What product should be launched, when it should be launched, will take some time,” Sandeep Sharma, Managing Director of RealPage India, said.

“We are looking at adding more people here. We are looking at a 10-15 per cent increase in human resources this year. We will have 1,200 employees by the year-end,” he said.

Source: The Hindu