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Review Corner: Frooti – betting on Alia Bhatt’s magic

frooti, alia bhatt, frooti ad Frooti’s new commercial is timely, but tries too hard to portray an edgier and cool image.

Frooti’s new commercial is timely, but tries too hard to portray an edgier and cool image


The Ad

The ad #TheFrootiLife opens with a tiny animated character trying to woo actor Alia Bhatt. He tries to win her over with money, diamonds and a cat, but she says no. What finally helps him win her heart is a bottle of Frooti. But he gets blown away when Bhatt gives a flying kiss.

Target Audience

Above six year-olds, pan India.

Business Objective

Focus on regional nuances to further build Frooti’s equity and position in the country.

The Appeal

Emotional With the latest Frooti campaign, the brand further builds resonance for #TheFrootiLife in line with the past campaign’s narrative. It tries to portray an edgier and cool image to target the youth. The attempt is to give the brand a quirky and peppy image without alienating its core consumers — children.

Competitive Edge

Summer is here and it is time for mango drinks to go all out with their marketing arsenal. Frooti has timed this campaign aptly to take on its key competitors — Maaza, Tropicana Slice and Paper Boat — with its signature quirky creative. This is also the first time that Frooti is unveiling another region-specific commercial especially catering to South India, featuring actor Allu Arjun.

Tone of Voice



Alia Bhatt is teleported to a land of Lilliputians and a tiny man tries to woo her. That’s how the new Frooti TVC appears — ridiculous and funny. But does it make the brand standout? In 2015, Frooti introduced its consumers to the surreal and magical world of The Frooti Life. Done in a colourful, pop style, the ads were peppy, although a bit weird for the fruit-flavoured still drinks category. This year too, the cosmetic execution is similar — the signature yellow colour, with tiny people thrown in. The creative is nothing new. It plays on surrealism with Bhatt and the tiny, animated people.

Everything else is tiny except for Alia Bhatt and the bottle of Frooti — an attempt to make the brand stand out on this animated canvas. The idea of wooing Bhatt is a slight improvement over previous ads as there is a hint of storyline, too. Moreover, it easily rides on Bhatt’s quirky style. Post rebranding, Frooti’s commercials have increasingly become repetitive. The concept of Frooti’s magical world can allow for more interesting storylines; perhaps more creativity is needed on the ideation front. The television commercial has a mix of live action and stop motion animation with Amit Trivedi’s music, which makes it watchable. But maybe not memorable. Rating: 5/10

Agency: Sagmeister & Walsh
Brand: Frooti
Campaign: #TheFrootiLife
Production House: Hornet Animation


Source: Financial Express