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Samsung Wireless Battery Pack: Perfect accessory for Galaxy S10 smartphones

I am not a big fan of wireless chargers for the simple reason that are not fully wireless. Also, their charging is slow and they unnecessarily heat up devices which might damage batteries in the long run. Besides, a wireless charger of a reputable brand costs as much as a budget smartphone — around Rs 5,000. While wireless chargers might not yet be ready, wireless power banks, such as the Samsung Wireless Battery Pack, could be a nice accessory for supported devices.

There could be plenty of choices among lesser brands, but Samsung’s wireless battery pack is the only such product from a big brand at present. Being a power bank, it has a built-in battery of 10,000 mAh, which is good enough to charge your phone (with a 3,500 mAh battery) at least twice on a one full charge. Importantly, it has fast-charging support for both wired and wireless charging.

Being a Samsung product, this battery pack works as intended with most supported Samsung devices like the Galaxy Watch Active, Galaxy Buds and Galaxy S10 Plus smartphone. It takes around two hours to charge the 4,100 mAh battery of the Galaxy S10 Plus wirelessly, and around 15 minutes less when you do it via wired output. What’s more, you can charge two devices simultaneously — one wirelessly and the other using a wire.

Unfortunately, wireless fast-charging seems to work only with supported Samsung devices. When tested with Huawei and Apple smartphones that have a wireless charging feature, the power bank took more than three hours and it lost its power very quickly.

But the power bank’s wired charging worked flawlessly. Besides charging the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus quickly, its fast-charge function worked with most phones that support Quick Charge technology. It, however, seems to have a problem with Apple smartphones.

At Rs 3,699, the Samsung Wireless Battery Pack is a must-have power accessory for people using Samsung’s current-generation devices, such Galaxy S10-series smartphone, Galaxy Bud earphones, Galaxy Watch Active wearable, etc.

Source: Business Standard