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Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless review: Muddy, expensive audio


The future of audio is wireless.

While that has been clear for a while, core audio brands like Sennheiser, Sony, Bose and many others took a while to bring earbud style headphones to the market, they are all ready for this segment now. The Momentum True Wireless is Sennheiser’s first such device in the market, and at Rs. 24,990, it’s placed squarely in the premium audio market.

Unfortunately though, it doesn’t quite live up to the quality you expect from this segment.

On first look, the fabric-covered charge-cum-carry case gives this a really premium feel. However, the earbuds themselves feel plasticky and for the lack of a better word, cheap. They’re light, which is a good thing, but a tad too light which makes it feel…well, cheap.

That said, the design and build quality can and will be overlooked by many. What really puts me off with these headphones though is the audio quality.

The Momentum True Wireless suffers from muddy audio. It doesn’t deal with the mid frequencies well and you can hear distortion above 60% volume. The bass notes are loud but loose, which I personally don’t like, but many might.

While the audio quality on the Momentums are noticeably better than budget alternatives from Boat etc, they lack the clarity in audio you get from wireless earbuds like the Bose Soundsport, Sony WF-1000XM3 and more. It lacks depth in audio, something even the Sony SP-700N (which costs about half of this) is better at.

Furthermore, I faced quite a few connectivity issues with the device as well. Often, the Momentums would connect to my phone even while they were charging in the case. There were also times when the left earbud wouldn’t play any audio, and I had to disconnect and reconnect the earbuds to my phone to fix the same.

The touch controls aren’t dependable either. They do work at times, but you would want stick to manually controlling music from your phone for the most part. This is one aspect of truly wireless headphones that almost everyone is still grappling with though, so I can’t blame Sennheiser alone for the same.

Should you buy it?

While true wireless headphones are usually expensive, the Momentum True Wireless doesn’t belong in the premium segment. It has better audio than the sub-5k alternatives, but can’t take on rivals from Bose, Sony and others. If muddy audio quality is your thing, then go ahead, but I would really recommend trying the competition before you pick this one.

Source: Livemint