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Spurred by Q3 earnings optimism, FPI inflow at Rs 52 bn in January so far

FPIsForeign investors have pumped in over Rs 52 billion (Rs 52,00 crore) in the Indian capital markets this month so far in anticipation of a recovery in corporate earnings and attractive yields. This follows an investment of Rs 2 trillion (Rs 2 lakh crore)in the capital markets (equity and debt) in the entire 2017. Market experts, however, believe foreign portfolio investors (FPIs) may not be able to repeat this showing in 2018 as withdrawal of liquidity and rate hikes in developed economies pick up. According to the depositories data, FPIs put in a net amount of Rs 21.72 billion (Rs 2,172 cr) in equities and Rs 30.80 billion ( Rs 3,080 crore) in the debt markets during January 1-12 — translating into a net inflow of Rs 52.52 billion (Rs 5,252 crore). “The inflow in current month can be attributed to anticipation of earnings recovery and attractive yields which is expected to further strengthen inflow from foreign investors in the current financial year,” said Dinesh Rohira, CEO of 5nance. Morningstar India’s Senior Analyst Manager (Research) Himanshu Srivastava said: “Given 2019 would not be far, the expectation of some other economic reforms from the government would be high.

Source: Maalaimalar