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Sticking to your routine will help fight jet lag: Pankaj M. Munjal

Pankaj M. Munjal took over as chairman and managing director of Hero Cycles Ltd from his father in 2015. The company recently announced the launch of e-bicycles, which will be built in Berlin with assemblies supplied from India. The 57-year-old executive is based in New Delhi.

Morning Boost

I wake up at sharp 7 am, without even the need for an alarm. Immediately after freshening up, I head for a workout to begin the day. I consider breakfast as the most important meal of the day, and it usually comprises oats, fruits and eggs, along with cold coffee.

Fitness Files

I like including a mix of different workouts in my daily regimen. Outdoor cycling remains one of my favourite routines. It is not only an effective workout but also a great stress buster—particularly if you cycle on a beautiful landscape full of greenery. Apart from cycling, my workout includes running on an incline, a yoga session and ab workout for 12 minutes a day. The one exercise regimen I do loath, though, is planks.

Sleep log

I fall asleep within a minute of my head touching the pillow, and I’m particular about getting eight hours of uninterrupted sleep everyday. I travel to Europe and the UK for two weeks a month, and try to grab as much sleep as possible during the flight. Jet lag is best handled when you stick to your routine, no matter what, and force fit your daily schedule.

Food for Fuel

Sushi is my favourite dish. I also love oats, dates, blueberries, nuts and fish.

How I Find My Zen

My wife does havan (lighting sacred fire) daily. The chanting and fragrance help sanctify the home. It also acts as a calming agent. A game of golf every week with friends also relaxes me; and in the evening, a cigar helps sometimes. I love Ted Talks and so, I watch at least two talks every day.

Source: Livemint