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Survey on NaMo app asks whether grand alliance will have an impact


Will the ‘mahagathbandhan’ or the opposition’s grand anti-BJP alliance have an impact in your constituency?

This is one of the several questions the ‘people’s pulse’ survey asks participants on the ‘NaMo’ app.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Monday posted a brief video on Twitter urging people to participate in the survey.

The survey asks participants about their state, constituency, their view on progress achieved by the central government in sectors such as affordable healthcare, prosperity of farmers, corruption-free governance, Swachh Bharat, national security, economy, infrastructure, employment and rural electrification.

In his video message, the prime minister says: “A survey has been launched on the NaMo app. I want your direct feedback through the survey. Your feedback matters. Your feedback on various issues will will help us take important decisions. Will you all fill that important survey?”

One of the last questions is on the grand alliance. It asks people whether the ‘mahagathbandhan’ will have an impact in their constituency.

The survey comes amid an opposition attempt to forge an alliance against the BJP ahead of the national elections.

Source: Economic Times