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Talent migration: Professionals in India going places, says LinkedIn

Cross border migration of talent continues in India, with a net outflow of digital skills supporting its position as a global provider of tech talent , according to professional network LinkedIn.

In its inaugural Workforce Report for India, LinkedIn said the US is India’s top partner for talent migration in terms of volume in both directions, while Australia, United Kingdom, Singapore and Germany share top spots for in-demand migration.

A net inflow of skills related to the oil and gas sector, with the talent migration from UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Oman which are witnessing slowing GDP growth rates.

In other LinkedIn research, the firm observed a steady fall in the migration of professionals from India to the UAE. Migration analyses of Kerala, for instance, found that the proportion of professionals migrating from India to the UAE fell from 50 per cent in 2015 to 47 per cent in 2017. The same was true of migrations to Saudi Arabia from India, 6 per cent in 2015 versus 4 per cent in 2017.

Apart from volume of migration, the team also looked at in-demand migration, which is migration into one of the top 10 most-posted jobs in the destination country. It showed Australia, Germany, Singapore and the UK have the highest percentages of in-demand migration, underscoring the success of these countries’ talent and migration policies.

Australia’s managed migration programme is an example, says the report. Designed to meet socio-economic requirements, the programme targets people with certain demonstrable skills and grants them permanent residency in the country.

Germany’s apprenticeship programme was another example, which mostly involve a combined model of classroom instruction at a vocational school and on-the-job training with an employer.

Interestingly, though the US-India corridor witnessed the highest volume of talent migration in both directions in H1 2018.

Within India, migration into the commercial and national capitals was highest from satellite and neighbouring cities. In H1 2018, the most in-demand migration corridors, indicating the movement of professionals, for tier-1 cities were with Kalyan, near Mumbai, followed closely by Bengaluru.

Olivier Legrand, Managing Director, Asia-Pacific and Japan, LinkedIn said India, “with more than 10 million graduates entering the workforce every year, and where the skills required to stay employable and relevant continue to evolve rapidly, the labour market will need to adapt to stay efficient.”

Software Engineer appeared in the top-10 list across 17 industries including those such as transportation and logistics, retail, wellness and fitness, consumer goods, education, recreation and travel.

Sales-related occupations were also seen to have widespread presence in the report, particularly significant in the consumer goods, finance, recreation and travel and real estate industries.

Source: The Hindu