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Tata Motors beats Hyundai to become India’s 2nd leading car market behind Maruti Suzuki –

Dispatch numbers for the month of May have been released by the automobile manufacturers. The date reveals that homegrown manufacturer, Tata Motors dispatched more number of vehicles than Hyundai. So, they were able to take the second spot from Hyundai and now are only behind Maruti Suzuki.

Tata Motors dispatched 43,341 units to their domestic dealerships whereas Hyundai dispatched 42,293 units. When compared, Maruti Suzuki was still significantly ahead by dispatching 1.24 lakh units. Tata Motors’s dispatch also includes 3,454 units of their electric vehicles which are Tata Nexon EV and Tigor EV.

One of the reason why Hyundai’s dispatch numbers fell is that their production plant was closed for six days because of scheduled biannual maintenance. This is the second time that Tata Motors has been able to beat Hyundai’s monthly dispatch figures. Before this, it was December 2021 when Tata Motors was ahead of Hyundai. During that time, the reason was the Nexon compact SUV and the Punch micro SUV which was just launched at that time.

It seems like Tata Motors is able to cope up with the semiconductor shortage whereas other manufacturers are still suffering. This might be the reason that many people are going for Tata’s vehicles because they have less waiting period than the other manufacturers. The automobile manufacturers are trying their best by offering new variants, removing features, substituting features etc.

Having said that, Hyundai was able to export 8,970 units. Mahindra dispatched 26,904 units, Kia Motors dispatched 18,718 units, Toyota dispatched 10,216 units and Honda dispatched 8,188 units.

Upcoming Tata SUVs

Tata Curvv EV Concept

Tata revealed their new Curvv Concept. It is based on their second generation of platform. So, it is a heavily modified version of the existing ICE-platform. It gets a coupe SUV design language and it will be first launched as an EV and then with internal combustion engines. The manufacturer is expected to launch the coupe SUV by 2023 or 2024.

It is based on the Nexon’s X1 platform but it has been revised heavily. This has helped them in extending the wheelbase and add more space for the battery. The driving range is expected to be around 400 km. Tata has already said that the production-spec SUV will look very close to the concept.

Tata Avinya EV Concept

The latest concept that Tata Motors unveiled is called Avinya EV. It is based on Tata’s new Gen3 platform which they call “Born Electric”. The Gen3 platform is developed from the ground up specifically for electric vehicles. Vehicles based on this platform will go on sale in 2025 and will have a driving range of around 500 km.

Tata said that they think in the future everything will be controlled via voice commands so the concept car did not have any infotainment system. The manufacturer kept three things in mind while making the Avinya EV. They were disruptive technology, pure ev platform and innovative design. The Avinya EV will measure 4.3 metres in lenght and because of the new platform there will be ample space for all the occupants.