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TCS narrows service offerings by 50%

As part of a restructuring plan aimed at better leveraging opportunities in the digital space, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is in the midst of revamping the manner in which its service offerings are organised internally.

TCS had earlier categorised digital services under 800-900 offerings, and this has now been narrowed down to 500, with more reductions in the offing.

Speaking to BusinessLine, Rajesh Gopinathan, Chief Executive Officer, TCS said: “We had an inventory of more than 800-900 different offerings. We narrowed it down to 500 offerings. Within that also there is a very long tail where the bulk of the revenues are at one end. We’ve cut the offerings by 50 percent, we’ll cut them a bit more. Some of them are duplicate offerings, some of them don’t even exist as a service offering.”

Gopinathan said TCS has decided against calling out digital revenue and is focusing on making its service offerings more granular. TCS has stopped reporting digital revenues because it was finding it difficult to segregate traditional and digital revenue.

Krishnan Ramanujam has been appointed lead for all services lines, including digital.

Source: The Hindu